Create decodables that delight and build knowledge.

Information-rich decodables to build background knowledge and vocabulary.

Personalized decodables to make small-group & individual reading more effective & delightful.


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Grab-and-go quality decodables,
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Choose from hundreds of student-approved decodable stories

Aligned to the UFLI scope & sequence, and compatible with other phonics curricula.


Create custom fully-illustrated stories or non-fiction passages

Build background knowledge with information-rich decodables


Choose a phoneme to practice


Enter a topic (try a science or social studies topic!)


Watch as creates your decodable content!

Make independent reading time magical. Empower students as story-creators!

You choose the skill or phoneme to practice...


Students choose characters, settings, and names...

bookbook creates unique decodable stories for every reader!


Ignite the joy of reading: students can personalize their own decodable stories

  • ✓ Decodable and aligned to your learning objectives.
  • ✓ Kids choose story elements based on their interests.
  • ✓ Safe for kids with built-in content filtering.

An e-reader built for decodability & accessibility

  • ✓ Hear challenging vocabulary phonetically.
  • ✓ Listen to entire stories.
  • ✓ Read & hear kid-friendly definitions.

Grounded in the Science of Reading supports decoding and automaticity.


"Cognitive scientists have shown beyond doubt that fluent, accurate decoding is a hallmark of skilled reading" (Louisa C. Moats, 1998).

Made by educators,

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Vanessa L.

5th Grade Teacher

Dublin, California

My students were way more excited than normal. Kids mentioned that this would help them read more because, instead of spending lots of time searching for books to read, it helped them create stories that they're interested in reading right away. LitLab reached all demographic of students.


Monica A.

2nd Grade Teacher

Atlanta, Georgia

It was a hit! The kids loved being able to use their creativity while strengthening their reading skills. LitLab offered interactive features which made the experience truly engaging. This is going to be a great addition to our classroom.


Meghan C.

4th Grade Teacher

Windsor, California

They were excited to read their stories, find their friends' stories afterwards, and then even read random stories with interesting titles. There isn't this excitement about Epic. They're not like, “Look at this cool book that I read,” but today they were like, “Oh my gosh, read this one!”

Award-winning reading software using the latest AI technology

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ASU+GSV 2023 Semi-Finalist: Most Innovative EdTech Startups


SXSW EDU 2023 Launch Competition: Community Choice winner

FAQ is an early reading platform where K-2 educators — and students — can make decodable content that is engaging, accessible, and information-rich.

Decodable content refers to text that is systematically organized to align with phonics instruction, allowing children to apply their understanding of letter-sound relationships to read words, sentences, and stories.

On LitLab, teachers can browse and create decodable content (within seconds) in the form of illustrated stories or non-fictional content. Teachers can also allow their students to create their own illustrated stories (including decodable stories) based on their interests.