Supercharge your early reading program.
Combine the magic of personalization with the rigor of structured literacy, to better meet the needs of every early reader.

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What is LitLab? makes early reading way more targeted and student-centered through infinite custom decodables (phonics content).

Educators use LitLab to improve the efficacy of student individual reading time, and to generate high-quality, engaging decodables for whole-class use, small-group, or Tier II interventions. is grounded in the Science of Reading, and specifically designed to support decoding, fluency, and automaticity.

On LitLab, K-2 teachers can:

  • Use AI to generate hyper-personalized illustrated decodables.
  • Generate custom information-rich decodables, for building background knowledge.
  • Browse from, and download, 600+ high-quality grab-and-go decodables.
  • Set up students for infinite decodables practice within teacher-specified boundaries.
Why LitLab?
Save money
Decodable books for a whole building can be very expensive. Oftentimes, students memorize them, and they can be quite dry. LitLab lets you generate engaging, custom decodables, and read hundreds of expert-made high-quality decodables.
Align to your existing curricula sits on top of existing curricula, allowing teachers to reinforce existing phonics skills and core concepts while differentiating for every learner. Premium memberships allow for exact alignment to your primary scope & sequence.
Save teachers time
For teachers, finding, editing, and sharing decodables for whole-class, small-group and 1:1 use is difficult and time-consuming. LitLab saves hours for teachers with highly customizable AI decodable generators
Empower early readers
For students, LitLab empowers developing readers as story creators with student-safe AI tools, allowing them to create decodables based on their interests and the exact skills the teacher allows.
Grounded in quality research
LitLab was built by literacy specialists and AI experts, and is grounded in decades of research on student motivation, language acquisition, and structured literacy
What's included?
LitLab premium features
Don‘t just take our word for it.

Thousands of educators have used LitLab to supercharge reading practice for developing readers.

Emma Colonna, Director of K-8 Humanities, NCCS

“Both classes had growth/performance rates higher than the other 1st and 2nd grade classes.

Thank you all at LitLab for helping us create engaged, fluent readers - a skill no one can take away from them. I can't tell you how much it means to me to know our kids are choosing to read (and doing it well) every day.”

— Emma Colonna, Director of K-8 Humanities, Nashville Classical Charter School

LitLab AI
LitLab AI
Deeply grounded in the research.

LitLab was built by literacy specialists and AI experts, with significant input from leading researchers.


LitLab's logic model is based off of decades of research on student motivation, language acquisition, and structured literacy.

LitLab will be ESSA Tier IV certified by June 2024. Learn more, and see our logic model here.

Litlab is a mission-driven organization that's committed to improving early literacy by building powerful reading practice tools using the latest AI technologies. In order to sustain our commitment to building with cutting-edge tech, we offer an affordable premium membership option for schools and districts.

LitLab's pricing is meant to be accessible for the vast majority of schools. Pricing is tiered based on school size, and is ~70% cheaper than Lexia and other comparable reading practice tools. To claim our early bird discount, fill out this quote form before May 31, 2024.

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