Ted's Adventure: The Crab and the Shiny Fork

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"Ted the crab woke up one morning."

"He felt sore from sleeping on the hard sand."

"Ted decided to explore the shore."

"He found a shiny object and it was a fork."

"Ted tried to pick up the fork, but it was too heavy."

"He felt a bit poor without the shiny fork."

"Ted saw a stork flying north."

"The stork dropped something and it was a cord."

"Ted used the cord to pull the fork."

"He felt more joy as he finally got the fork."

"Ted carried the fork back to his spot."

"He used the fork to dig a hole for a door."

"Ted felt worn after all the hard work."

"He decided to rest for a short while."

"Ted dreamed of a storm and got scared."

"He woke up to find it was just a dream."

"Ted looked at the fork and smiled."

"He was glad for his new tool and his new door."

"Ted was happy with his new home."

"He fell asleep, ready for a new day and more adventures."

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