Rick the Lion: King of the Savannah

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"Rick the lion was a good king of the savannah."

"He stood tall and proud on the tallest mound, looking over his kingdom."

"Rick took his role very seriously, always making sure everyone was safe."

"Every morning, Rick would look out from his wooden perch in a tree."

"He would push through the tall grasses, checking on all the animals."

"At the end of the day, he would return to his nook in the tree and rest."

"One day, Rick found a footprint near the river."

"It was a footprint from a stranger, which shook Rick."

"Rick took a moment, then decided to find out who the stranger was."

"Rick followed the footprints and found a lost cub."

"With a soft push, Rick guided the cub back to its mother."

"Back in his nook, Rick felt good knowing he had done his duty."

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