Joy's Pearl: An Underwater Friendship Tale

You are working on words with 10. Dipthongs | ou, ow /ow/
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"Joy, the oyster, lived in the vast sea."

"She spent her days inching around, looking at beautiful things."

"One day, she found a shiny pearl in the sand."

"Joy was so happy, she let out a loud sound."

"The sound echoed through the water and reached a friendly clown fish named Max."

"Max swam towards the sound and found Joy."

"Joy showed Max the shiny pearl she had found."

"Max was amazed and they both looked at the pearl with awe."

"From that day, Joy and Max became best friends and shared many adventures in the sea."

"One day, they saw a rainbow above the sea."

"They swam towards the surface and looked at the beautiful rainbow."

"Joy and Max vowed to be friends forever and continue their adventures in the sea."

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