Ted the Crab: The Brave Knight of the Sand Castle

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"Ted, the crab, lives in a sandy castle on a knoll."

"In the morning, he knelt to comb the sand around his castle."

"Every day, he would knit a blanket from seaweed."

"Ted knows every grain of sand in his kingdom."

"He has a knack for finding the best seashells."

"At night, he wraps himself in his seaweed blanket."

"One day, a seagull dropped a honeycomb near his castle."

"Ted knew it was something special and placed it in his castle."

"He felt a sense of pride for his thumb-sized trophy."

"But the next day, the honeycomb was gone!"

"He looked around and saw a trail of crumbs."

"Ted knew he had to find the thief."

"He followed the crumbs and saw a mouse nibbling on the honeycomb."

"With a firm knock on a nearby rock, he scared the mouse away."

"Ted saved the honeycomb and returned it to his castle."

"From that day on, Ted was known as the brave knight of the sand castle."

"He always kept a watchful eye on his kingdom."

"And every night, he wrapped himself in his seaweed blanket, feeling safe and happy."

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