Sammy the Pony's Clean-Up Party

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"Meet Sammy, a tiny pony living in a wide pasture."

"Sammy is a very happy pony, always playing in the sunny pasture."

"One day, Sammy found a rusty can while exploring his home."

"He asked his daddy, 'What is this rusty thing?'"

"His daddy said, 'That is an old, rusty can. We must keep our home clean.'"

"Sammy felt a duty to help keep his home clean."

"He started a clean-up party and invited many friends."

"They worked hard, and it wasn't easy, but Sammy and his friends cleaned the entire pasture."

"After the clean-up, Sammy's mommy made everyone jelly sandwiches."

"Everyone was happy and Sammy felt very lucky."

"From that day on, Sammy made sure his home remained clean."

"He knew that a clean home was a happy home."

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