Louisa the Crawfish: Adventures in the Sea

You are working on words with 14. Low Frequency Spelling | ch /sh/, /k/; gn /n/, gh /g/; silent t
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"Hello, I am Louisa," she began, "a crawfish from the sea."

"Every day, I listen to the echo of the waves."

"I live in a castle made from the ocean's shell."

"Sometimes, I wrestle with the sea gnat for fun."

"Other days, I practice my dance in the sea foam."

"I love to whistle a tune to the rhythm of the waves."

"At night, I fasten my door and sleep under the starlit sky."

"I sometimes dream of ghouls and gnomes, but I am not afraid."

"In the morning, I moisten my skin in the dew and start my day."

"I love to glisten in the sunlight to show my beautiful colors."

"I rustle in the seaweed while looking for my breakfast."

"Every day is a new adventure in the vast sea, and I love it."

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