Jamal the Swan: A Tale of Friendship and Sharing

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"Jamal, the swan, lived by a beautiful lake."

"Every morning, he dealt with his usual routine."

"Jamal would wash himself, then head for some breakfast."

"His breakfast was always the same: water plants and a loaf of bread."

"Jamal was ready for his daily swim after his meal."

"He loved to wander around the lake, feeling the cool water under his feathers."

"One day, as Jamal swam, he found a ball near the lake's edge."

"He pushed the ball with his beak, watching it roll on the lawn."

"Jamal felt happy, he had found a new toy to play with."

"But soon, Jamal felt heavy-hearted, he missed sharing his joy with someone."

"He wished he had a friend to play ball with and share his bread."

"Just then, a baby swan waddled towards him, ready to play and share his life."

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