Zoe's Savanna Adventure: A Gnome's Invitation

You are working on words with 14. Low Frequency Spelling | ch /sh/, /k/; gn /n/, gh /g/; silent t
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"Zoe, the zebra, loved to wrestle with her brother in the savannah."

"In the midst of their fun, Zoe heard a faint echo."

"She saw a small gnome, waving from the edge of a chute."

"Zoe, come play with me," the gnome called, his voice carrying a ghastly echo."

"Zoe was nervous, but she decided to fasten her courage and join him."

"She climbed up the chute with a rustle and a bustle."

"At the top, she saw a castle, glistening in the sunlight."

"Inside, an orchestra played a cheerful tune, making Zoe want to dance."

"She met a chef who offered her a moisten cake to eat."

"Zoe had a wonderful time but she started to miss her brother."

"She decided to hasten back to her brother, promising to visit again."

"Back in the savannah, Zoe shared her adventure, causing a lot of hustle and bustle."

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