Luna's Watch: A Moon's Tale of a Small Town and Its Mouse

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"Once upon a time, Luna the moon looked down from the night sky."

"She saw a small town, quiet and still."

"Luna wished she could know more about the town below."

"Then, she saw a small mouse scurry out from a house."

"Luna watched as the mouse scurried around the town."

"She wondered what the mouse was doing outside at this hour."

"Luna saw the mouse stop by a large mound of ground."

"The mouse began to dig a hole, disappearing underground."

"Luna felt happy knowing the mouse had found a safe place to rest."

"As the night grew quiet again, Luna continued to shine bright over the town."

"She knew she would always watch over the town and its little mouse resident."

"And so, Luna the moon continued to glow, providing light for the town below."

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