Pam the Whale: The Duke of the Deep Sea

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"Pam, the whale, had a cute charm."

"She had a plan to use a tube."

"Pam sang a song that was a tune."

"She blew the tube, it was not a fluke."

"A ship sank, Pam had to rule."

"She was not rude, she did not fume."

"With her flute, she set the mood."

"The ship was a cube, but she did not puke."

"She was not mute, she said, 'I am the duke.'"

"Pam did not mope, she had hope."

"With a rope, she tied the ship to a dune"

"She was not a dude, but she was shrewd."

"She did not prune, but she did swoon."

"She was not a mule, but she was cool."

"Pam, the whale, was not a fool."

"With a wink, she took a sip of her drink."

"With her fins, she made some spins."

"With a grin, she knew she'd win."

"She did not fuss, she did not cuss."

"With a dash, she made a splash."

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