Zoe the Zebra's Fearless Adventure

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Zoe the zebra was fearless.

"Every day, she roamed the savannah, without a worry."

"She had a joyful spirit that was contagious."

"But one day, Zoe felt a bit clueless."

"She had lost her way back to her family."

"Zoe felt helpless for the first time."

"Then, Zoe remembered she was not powerless."

"She had been through countless adventures in the savannah."

"She was skillful at finding her way."

"So, Zoe started to follow the sun, which was beginning to set."

"She remembered her mom telling her that their home was always towards the west, where the sun sets."

"With this knowledge, Zoe felt hopeful again."

"Finally, after what felt like an endless journey, Zoe saw a familiar sight."

She had made it home!

"From that day on, Zoe felt even more fearless."

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