Mandy's Light: A Star's Tale of Helping from the Sky

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"Mandy the star was up high in the sky, she saw a hawk flying by."

"She admired the hawk's ability to fly, but she knew she couldn't try."

"Instead, she decided to shine as bright as she could, lighting up the sky as only she would."

"Every night, Mandy would watch the creatures below, from the hustle and bustle to the slow crawl of a snail."

"One night, she saw a fawn on the lawn, it looked lost and all alone."

"Mandy wished she could help, but all she could do was shine bright and hope the fawn's mother would catch the light."

"As dawn approached, Mandy saw a figure appear, it was the fawn's mother, drawn to the light that was clear."

"Happy that she could help in her own way, Mandy continued to shine, lighting the way."

"Though she couldn't fly like the hawk, or crawl like the snail, Mandy knew her light was important, without fail."

"Mandy continued to watch over the world below, her light helping creatures big and small, she knew."

"From the hawk in the sky to the snail on the ground, Mandy's light was always found."

"And so, every night, Mandy would shine bright, a comforting presence in the quiet of the night."

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