Meeko's Seed: A Tale of Growth and Joy

You are working on words with 8. Long Vowel Teams | ee, ea, ey /ē/
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"Once, there was a sheep named Meeko who lived in a green valley."

"Meeko loved to eat the fresh green grass in the valley."

"One sunny day, Meeko found a seed in the grass."

"Meeko decided to plant the seed near a tree."

"Each day, Meeko would visit the seed and give it a drink from the creek."

"After a week, a small plant seemed to peek from the earth."

"Meeko was so happy, he leaped in the air and gave a loud 'baa'."

"Meeko continued to care for the plant and watched as it grew taller than him."

"One day, the plant bloomed into a beautiful tree, and Meeko felt a sense of joy."

"From then on, Meeko spent his days happily under the tree, proud of his deed."

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