Nora's Shiny Adventure: An Orca's Tale of Trade and Treasure

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"Nora the orca was born in a far north port."

"She loved to explore the cool ocean floor."

"Nora was a poor swimmer at first."

"But with more practice, she became the best."

"One morning, Nora found a shiny object on the seafloor."

It was a short, rusty fork.

"Nora decided to take it to the shore."

"She swam past the port, towards the shore."

"On the shore, she met a stormy horse named Stormy."

"Stormy was very interested in Nora's fork."

"Stormy offered to trade his shiny horn for the fork."

"Nora agreed, and they made a fair trade."

"With the horn, Nora felt more confident."

"She swam back to the port, feeling happy."

"Back in the port, she showed off her shiny horn."

"They all adored her shiny find."

"Nora felt proud and loved her home more."

"She knew she was born to explore."

"From then on, Nora explored the ocean floor every day."

"She always brought back something new for the port."

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