Layla the Whale: Hero of the Bay

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"Once upon a day, Layla the whale was in the bay."

"Layla loved to play and spray water from her blowhole."

"Her friend, a seagull, would fly by and say, 'You're a great player, Layla!'"

"One day, Layla found a quail trapped in a cage."

"With her big tail, she managed to break the cage and set the quail free."

"The quail was so happy, it began to wail, 'Thank you, Layla!'"

"Layla was glad to aid the quail and continued to play."

"Even on a gray day, Layla found joy in the bay."

"Every day, she would play, spray and help those in need."

"And that's how Layla made the bay a better place to stay."

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