Paul the Cow's Farmyard Adventures

You are working on words with 14. Low Frequency Spelling | ough /aw/, /ō/
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"Paul the cow lives on a farm. He thought it was a great place to live. Although he could roam anywhere, he chose to stay near the barnyard. He lived with many other cows."

"Paul liked to eat the fresh grasses in the farm. He thought the grasses were tasty. He sought them out every morning and nibbled at them. At noon, he would rest under the shade of a tree."

"One sunny day, Paul found a doughnut lying on the ground. He thought it was something new to try. He took a bite and found it sweet. He thought it was a nice change from the usual grasses."

"Although Paul enjoyed the doughnut, he missed his grasses. He thought they were healthier for him. He sought them out and was glad to find a patch near the barnyard. He nibbled at them happily."

"One day, Paul saw a mouse on the farm. He thought the mouse looked scared. He brought it some grasses to eat. The mouse was thankful and they became friends."

"Paul thought his life on the farm was wonderful. He had tasty grasses to eat and a new friend to play with. Although he was just a cow, he thought he was the luckiest cow in the world."

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