Shawn the Crawfish and the Mysterious Key

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"Shawn, the crawfish, lived by the sea."

"He loved to explore and see what he could find."

"Every morning, Shawn crawled out of his hole."

"One day, he saw a bright object in the sand."

"Shawn, curious, decided to draw closer."

"He reached out with his claw and dug around."

"Suddenly, he caught sight of a small, shiny object."

"It was a key, lost by a sailor at dawn."

"Shawn felt a sense of joy at his find."

"He decided to show it to his friends, the prawns."

"They were amazed and began to applaud Shawn."

"Shawn yawned, it had been a long day."

"The next day, Shawn decided to launch an adventure."

"He wanted to find where the key might fit."

"He looked high and low, until the sun began to set."

"Exhausted but happy, Shawn returned to his hole to rest."

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