Kylie's Dream Flight with Lightning

You are working on words with 8. Long Vowel Teams | ie, igh /ī/
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"Kylie looked up at the bright sky. She wished she could fly."

"But she was just a little girl. She knew she could not fly."

"One day, Kylie met a bird named Lightning. Lightning could fly high."

"Can you teach me to fly?" asked Kylie. Lightning let out a slight sigh."

"I can't teach you to fly," said Lightning. "But I can give you a flight."

"That night, Kylie had a dream. She dreamed that she could fly."

"In her dream, she saw the nightfall. She saw the world from a great height."

"When Kylie woke up, it was daylight. She was back in her bed."

"Kylie sighed. She wished the dream was real."

"That night, Lightning came to visit. 'Let's go for a flight tonight,' he said."

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