Moe the Mole: A Story of Hope and Home

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"Moe, the mole, woke in his hole."

"He put on his robe and wove his way home."

"Moe had a stone. It was his lone toy."

"He loved his stone. He would not trade it for a phone."

"Moe had a joke. He told it to a toad."

"The toad said 'nope', it did not like the joke."

"Moe felt a bit sad. He missed his dad."

"His dad was far, in a zone near a star."

"Moe had hope. He wrote a note."

"He sent the note with a dove, full of love."

"Moe's dad got the note. He rode a drone back home."

"Dad was home. Moe was not alone."

"They sat by the stove. They both felt the love."

"They told jokes and poked fun. They had a ton of fun."

"At the end of the day, Moe's dad had to go away."

"Moe felt a bit sad, but he knew he was not alone."

"He had his stone, his robe, his stove, his home."

"And most of all, he had hope. Moe, the mole, was not alone."

"He slept with a smile, in his cozy mole hole."

"And he knew, he would see his dad soon, in the zone near the moon."

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