Javier the Otter's Summer Adventure

You are working on words with 7. R-controlled Vowels | er /er/
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"Once upon a time, in a river, lived an otter named Javier."

"Javier was always very happy, he loved to dive under the water."

"Javier was known as the best diver in the river."

"One summer day, Javier found a letter under a rock."

"The letter was from a badger who lived over the hill."

"The badger had a job offer for Javier, asking him to serve as a gardener."

"Javier accepted the offer and swam across the river to meet the badger."

"He worked hard all summer, and by winter he had turned the badger's yard into a wonder."

"Javier returned to his river, filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment."

"He knew he would always remember that summer, the letter, and the badger."

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