Molly's Quest for a Dry Home

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"Molly, the monkey, lived in a beautiful jungle, far away."

"She loved the jungle, but Molly was the saddest when it was wet."

"She planned to find a place where she could stay dry."

"She grabbed her map and started her journey."

"Molly hopped from one tree to another, trying to stay dry."

"She saw a cave and thought it might be the biggest in the jungle."

"But it was already occupied by a family of bats."

"She sighed, tapped her foot, and continued her search."

"She came across a large leaf, which was the flattest she had ever seen."

"She thought it could be a perfect umbrella."

"But a gust of wind blew it away."

"She dropped her shoulders, feeling sadder than before."

"Next, she found an old, empty turtle shell."

"It was wetter inside than she had hoped."

"She felt the maddest she had ever felt."

"But then, she saw a large tree with a hollow trunk."

"It was the biggest tree she had seen."

"She climbed up and found the trunk was dry."

"She felt relieved and started humming a happy tune."

"She had finally found her perfect shelter from the rain."

"Molly was no longer the saddest monkey in the jungle."

"She was now the happiest, even when it rained."

"She had a home that was dry, and that made her the happiest."

"And that's how Molly found her perfect home in the jungle."

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