Knox's Lost Ball: A Tale of Friendship

You are working on words with 11. Silent Letters | kn /n/, wr /r/, mb /m/
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"Once upon a time, on a green knoll, a lamb named Knox lived."

"He loved to play with a ball he found near the castle."

"Each day, Knox would wake up, eat his breakfast, and then go out to play."

"One morning, Knox woke up and found his ball was missing."

"He looked under the bedrock, behind the tree, but he could not find it."

"Knox felt sad and sat on the knoll, wondering where his ball could be."

"Suddenly, he heard a knock on the castle door."

"Knox opened the door to find a knight holding his missing ball."

"The knight had found the ball near the castle and returned it to Knox."

"Knox was so happy that he wriggled his tail in joy."

"He thanked the knight and invited him to play together on the knoll."

"From that day on, Knox and the knight became best friends."

"Every morning, they played together and had lots of fun."

"Knox learned that friends are the ones who help in our time of need."

"They lived happily ever after."

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