Borris the Artist: Learning from Errors

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"Borris, the artist, loved to paint in his studio."

"One day, Borris decided to paint a picture of a beautiful, sunny day."

"He painted the sky a bright blue, the sun a bold yellow, and the grass a lush green."

"But while painting, Borris made an error with his brush stroke."

"He tried to fix the error, but it only made the painting look messy."

"Borris felt upset. He thought he was a bad painter."

"But then, his sister, who is also an artist, came into the studio."

"She said, 'Borris, even the best painters make errors. Don't give up.'"

"So, Borris decided to try again. He started a new painting."

"This time, he painted slowly and carefully, making sure to avoid any errors."

"The new painting turned out to be his best work yet. Borris was proud of himself."

"From then on, Borris knew that it was okay to make errors. It's all part of being an artist."

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