Rowan's Adventure: The Knight and the Golden Comb

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"Rowan, the knight, had a knack for adventures."

"Every day, he would explore the castle grounds."

"His favorite place was the castle's knoll."

"One day, Rowan found a strange knob on a tree."

"As he turned it, a secret door opened in the castle."

"Rowan knew he had to explore."

"He entered the secret door and found a treasure chest."

"But the chest was locked. Rowan had to think hard."

"He remembered the strange knob and thought of a key."

"Rowan rushed back to the tree and broke off the knob."

"With a little wriggle, the knob turned into a key in his hand."

"He knew he was on the right track."

"Rowan returned to the chest and inserted the key."

"The chest opened with a creak, revealing a beautiful golden comb."

"Rowan knew he had found a treasure."

"From that day, Rowan was known for his knack for finding treasures."

"And the castle, with its secret door, became even more magical."

"Rowan, the adventurous knight, had many more stories to tell."

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