Jack's Joyous Jellyfish Jamboree

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"Jack, the jellyfish, planned a big party in the ocean."

"He sent out invitations to all his friends."

"Everyone was buzzing about the fun they were going to have."

"The day of the party, Jack woke up early."

"He slipped on a party hat and got to work."

"He was so excited that he was practically hopping around."

"First, he started by setting up a dance floor."

"He was so busy running around that he tripped over a rock."

"But he just laughed it off and kept going."

"Next, Jack started decorating the ocean with colourful lights."

"He kept stopping to admire his work."

"Everything was looking beautiful and ready for the party."

"Finally, the guests started to arrive."

"Jack welcomed them all with open tentacles."

"They all started dancing and clapping to the music."

"At the end of the party, Jack was tired but happy."

"He thanked everyone for coming and started cleaning up."

"Despite being tired, Jack was already planning the next party."

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