Manish the Catfish: An Adventure in the Stream

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"Manish, the catfish, lived in a really small stream."

"His scales had a newish shine that made him stand out."

"One day, Manish saw a reddish apple floating in the stream."

"He swam swiftly towards it, feeling a little childish."

"The apple was sweetish, and Manish enjoyed his treat."

"But soon, the stream turned a darkish gray from the rain."

"Manish felt a little feverish as the water grew coldish."

"He found an oldish log and decided to take shelter underneath it."

"As he waited, he saw a greenish frog leap from a lily pad."

"Feeling a little foolish, he invited the frog to join him."

"The rain stopped, leaving the stream a grayish color."

"Manish and his new friend, the frog, swam happily in the stream."

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