Carlos the Dragon and the Magic Seed

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"Carlos the dragon was stranded in the woods."

"He spotted a seed by a tree."

"Carlos had a plan to plant the seed."

"He found a twig and used it to dig a hole."

"He gently placed the seed in the hole by the tree."

"Then he covered it with some soil and leaves."

"Each day, Carlos would see the seed."

"Slowly, a tiny plant began to peek from the soil."

"Carlos was very happy to see this."

"Carlos took care of the plant every day."

"After a week, the plant had grown taller."

"Carlos was very proud of his plant."

"One day, Carlos was surprised to see a small fruit on the plant."

It was a peach!

"Carlos was very pleased with his hard work."

"From that day on, Carlos always had plenty to eat."

"He learned that a small seed could bring great joy."

"And he was never stranded in the woods again."

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