Leroy the Singing Koi: A Tale of Joy and Adventure

You are working on words with 10. Dipthongs | oi, oy /oi/
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"Leroy was not an ordinary koi fish, he had a voice."

"He loved to make noise, especially when he was joyous."

"His joy would boil over, and he would sing in a high, clear voice."

"One day, Leroy found a shiny coin in the soil."

"He tried to pick it up, but it was a hard task for a koi fish."

"Using a nearby stick as a lever, he managed to flip the coin onto a lily pad."

"Leroy had a choice: should he keep the coin or let it go?"

"He knew coins were not food, so he decided to let it go."

"Finding the coin had been a fun adventure, but his real joy was in singing."

"From then on, Leroy would sing a song about the coin he found."

"His voice filled the pond, a joyous noise everyone enjoyed."

"Even without the coin, Leroy was the richest koi in the pond because of his voice."

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