Sue the Bluejay Learns About Curfew and Courage

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"Sue the bluejay had a curfew by sunset."

"She would always return to her nest before the sky lost its hue."

"Her mother had set this rule for her safety."

"But today, Sue was in a big group of friends, having fun."

"Sue's friends were arguing about who could fly the highest."

"Sue, forgetting the rules, decided to join the fun."

"They all soared up towards the sunlight, laughing and squawking."

"But as the sun started to set, Sue remembered her curfew."

"Sue quickly said goodbye to her group and started to fly home."

"But the others didn't want her to leave, they wanted to continue their fun."

"Sue knew she had to go, she didn't want to break her curfew."

"Just as she was reaching her nest, she saw her mother waiting."

"Sue landed on the branch next to her mother and said 'phew'!"

"Her mother was glad to see her, but also a bit upset."

"She reminded Sue of the importance of the rules and her curfew."

"From that day on, Sue always made sure to be home before sunset."

"One day, Sue saw her friends in trouble and knew she had to rescue them."

"Even though it was close to curfew, she flew towards them."

"With a few smart moves, Sue managed to free her friends."

"They all thanked her and she flew back home just in time for curfew."

"Sue realized that rules are important, but so is helping others."

"She decided to talk to her mother about a new rule."

"From then on, Sue had a new curfew, but she could break it if someone needed her help."

"And so, Sue continued to be a responsible and helpful bluejay in her backyard."

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