Pam the Whale's Bay Adventures

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"Pam, the whale, loves to play in the bay."

"She waits for high tide and then begins to sway."

"With each sway, she would spray water high in the sky."

"One day, Pam found a float drifting in her play area."

"She used her tail to push it away, clearing her bay."

"Pam then resumed her play, happily swaying all day."

"On a bright Sunday, Pam saw a boat in the bay."

"She was careful not to spray water their way."

"At night, under the moon's soft ray, Pam would rest from her day of play."

"One day, Pam saw something floating in her bay."

"It was a small, scared quail, who had lost his way."

"Pam gently used her tail to guide the quail, helping him sail away."

"After the day's deed, Pam continued to play and sway, happy in her bay."

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