Cory's Day of Exploration and Friendship

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"Cory the stork lived in a forest."

"He liked to explore the forest daily."

"One morning, Cory woke up to a storm."

"He wore his scarf and decided to stay indoors."

"Cory was not afraid of the storm."

"He loved to watch the rain from his porch."

"As the storm passed, Cory saw a rainbow far in the sky."

"He felt a spark of joy and decided to take a flight."

"Cory flew over the forest, feeling the cool breeze."

"He passed by a barn and a large farm."

"Cory saw a park where children were playing."

"He decided to land there and watch them for a while."

"Cory watched the children play with a ball and dart around."

"He felt a little bit poor as he missed playing with others."

"Just then, a small girl saw Cory and waved at him."

"Cory felt a warm glow in his heart."

"Cory flew back home as the sun was setting."

"He felt happy and content after his long day."

"That night, Cory slept soundly, dreaming of more adventures."

"He was excited for what the next day might bring."

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