Bella's Garden Symphony: A Tale of Friendship

You are working on words with 14. Low Frequency Spelling | ch /sh/, /k/; gn /n/, gh /g/; silent t
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"Bella, a lovely rose, was nestled in the garden."

"She was a princess in her garden castle."

"One day, Bella heard a faint echo from the garden gate."

"It was a tiny gnome, wrestling with a thistle."

"Bella, using her stem, helped the gnome fasten the thistle to a twig."

"The gnome was full of joy and began to whistle a cheery tune."

"His whistle was so beautiful, it made the whole garden glisten."

"All the other flowers started to rustle in delight."

"Bella and her friends began to practice the gnome's whistle."

"By the end of the day, they sounded like a beautiful flower orchestra."

"The gnome, touched by the flowers' efforts, decided to stay in the garden."

"And so, the garden bustled with the sound of whistles, rustles, and echoes, all day long."

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