Stef's Nest: A Hen's Tale of Ten Eggs and a Pet

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"Stef, the red hen, sat on her nest."

"Stef, do you have ten eggs yet?"

"Yes, I do," said Stef, "I have ten eggs."

"Stef, did you beg for a jet?"

"No, I did not beg for a jet," said Stef.

Stef, did you get a pet?

"Yes, I got a pet," said Stef, "I love my pet."

"Stef, do you have a vet for your pet?"

"Yes, I have a vet," said Stef, "He is the best vet."

"Stef, did you set your pet's bed next to your nest?"

"Yes, I set my pet's bed next to my nest," said Stef, "Now, we can rest together."

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