Trish the Radish: A Stormy Adventure

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"Trish, the radish, had a reddish hue."

"She loved to play in the sunlight, it made her feel newish."

"One day, Trish noticed the sky was grayish."

"It looked like a storm was coming, she felt a bit squeamish."

"Her friend, the snail, was slow and sluggish."

"But he was wise and told her not to be childish."

"The storm came, it was darkish and coldish."

"Trish felt a bit scared, but she tried to be boldish."

"After the storm, the garden was a bit of a rubbish."

"But Trish was strong, she started to polish."

"She worked hard, making the garden greenish and lavish."

"Finally, the garden was beautiful, Trish felt so accomplished."

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