Kylie's Light: A Lightning's Journey

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"Kylie, the lightning, woke up in the sky."

"She was high above the Earth, looking at the bright daylight."

"Tonight, she had a special flight to make."

"She had to light up the night for a special event."

"She began her flight, lighting up the dark sky."

"But she was feeling nervous, her light was not as bright as she wanted."

"Kylie took a deep sigh and tried to make her light brighter."

"She remembered her coach saying, 'Believe in your light, it is right.'"

"Kylie closed her eyes and thought about those words."

"When she opened them, her light was brighter, lighting up the night."

"She continued her flight, lighting up the dark sky."

"Her light was so bright, it could be seen from far away."

"Kylie's light was a delight to everyone who saw it."

"She felt proud and happy, her light was just right."

"As the night gave way to daylight, Kylie completed her flight."

"She had lit up the night, and it felt just right."

"Kylie, the lightning, knew she might be small, but her light was important."

"She was ready for the next nightfall, to light up the night again."

"And so, Kylie continued to light up the night, every night."

"And everyone on Earth was thankful for her bright light."

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