Sunil the Bear and His Tidy Den

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"Sunil, the bear, was unhappy living in the forest."

"His home was untidy and he felt unwell."

"One day, he said, 'I need to change this.'"

"Sunil decided to unpack his box of cleaning tools."

"With every item he pulled out, he felt a little less unhappy."

"He started by trying to clean his den."

"Sunil worked all day and by sunset, his home was no longer untidy."

"But he still felt unwell and decided to rest."

"When Sunil woke up, he found his den was again untidy."

"He felt unhappy and said, 'I need to find a solution.'"

"Sunil decided to unpack a box of storage boxes."

"He organized his belongings into the boxes, making his den tidy."

"Feeling accomplished, he said, 'Now, my home will remain tidy.'"

"Sunil woke up the next day feeling less unwell."

"His den was still tidy and he was no longer unhappy."

"He realized that a tidy home made him feel good."

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