Eve's Garden: A Tale of Friendship

You are working on words with 14. Low Frequency Spelling | air, are, ear /air/
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"Eve, the flower, lived in a beautiful garden."

"She loved to stare at the clear sky."

"Eve would bask in the light of the sun, feeling the warm air."

"But she was always alone, with no one to share her joy."

"One day, Eve saw a hare hopping in the garden."

"She wished she could hop and play with the hare."

"But all she could do was stay in one place and watch."

"Eve felt a tear roll down her face."

"The hare noticed Eve and hopped over to her."

"Eve felt a flair of excitement. She had never had a visitor before."

"The hare, noticing Eve's tear, offered to be her friend."

"Eve, with a smile, accepted the hare's offer to share her garden."

"Eve and the hare spent their days together in the garden."

"They would watch the airplanes fly by in the airy sky."

"Eve was no longer alone. She had a friend to share her joy."

"And so, they lived happily in their fair garden."

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