Jack and Miles: The Jar Adventure

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"Jack, the jellyfish, was in the ocean."

"His home was a large, colorful reef."

"One day, he saw something shiny and hard."

"It was a jar, stuck in the sand."

"Jack wanted to look at the jar closer."

"But a starfish warned, 'It is too far, Jack.'"

"Jack did not listen and swam towards the jar."

"The jar was stuck hard in the sand."

"Jack tried to budge it with one of his arms."

"But it wouldn't move, so he swam to the nearby park."

"There, he met a smart octopus named Miles."

"Miles, can you help me move the jar?" Jack asked.

"Sure," said Miles, "but we need a plan."

"So, they started to plot how to move the jar."

"They returned to the jar with a target."

"Ready, aim, push!" said Miles, and they pushed hard."

"With a pop, the jar moved from its place."

"Thank you, Miles," said Jack, "You are a marvel!"

"And so, Jack learned the value of having a plan and a friend."

"And the jar? It became part of their park."

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