Arnold the Wildcat: A Heart of Gold

You are working on words with 6. Ending Spelling Patterns | Long VCC (-ild, -old, -ind, -olt, -ost)
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"Arnold, the wildcat, lived in a grove."

"One day, Arnold found a goldfish in a pond."

"He said, 'Hi, goldfish! Are you lost?'"

"The goldfish said, 'Yes, I am lost, Arnold.'"

"Arnold told the goldfish, 'I will help you.'"

"With his mind set, Arnold began to think."

"He had a bold idea to build a path."

"Arnold worked hard, he dug and moved rocks."

"He made a path from the pond to the sea."

"Arnold said, 'Now you can go home, goldfish.'"

"The goldfish thanked Arnold and started to swim."

"Arnold watched as the goldfish swam away."

"He felt happy, he had been kind."

"From then on, everyone knew Arnold was not just a wildcat."

"He was a wildcat with a big heart."

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