Sadie's Quest for a Desert Friend

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"Sadie the snake lived in a desert, surrounded by cactuses and sand dunes."

"She often felt lonely, as she was the only snake in her area."

"Everyday, Sadie studied the desert, hoping to find a friend."

"One day, Sadie spied a tiny mouse scurrying across the sand."

"She hurried towards the mouse, hoping to make a new friend."

"But the mouse got scared and ran away, leaving Sadie worried."

"Sadie felt sad and cried, she just wanted a friend."

"Then she noticed a little lizard basking in the sun."

"Sadie approached the lizard slowly, not wanting to scare it."

"The lizard didn't run away, it looked at Sadie and smiled."

"Sadie felt happier, she had finally found a friend."

"From then on, Sadie and the lizard spent every day together."

"Sadie was no longer lonely, she had a friend to share her days with."

"She was glad she had kept trying to find a friend, even when she was worried."

"In the end, Sadie was the happiest snake in the desert."

"Sadie learned that it was okay to feel worried, but it was important to keep trying."

"And she also learned that friends can come in all shapes and sizes."

"Sadie was no longer a sad snake, she was a happy snake with a friend."

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