Ted's Sky Pie: A Tale of Unexpected Delights

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"Ted the crab was not silent."

"His noise filled the sand during the day."

"At night, Ted would lie on the sand, looking at the sky."

"He loved the sight of the bright stars."

"One night, Ted saw a high flying object in the sky."

"He thought it might be a bird."

"To his delight, it was a pie falling from the sky."

"Ted had never seen a pie fall from the sky before."

"Ted rushed to catch the pie with his claws."

"But it landed with a slight thud on the sand."

"The pie was a bit sandy, but Ted didn't mind."

"He took a bite and sighed with delight."

"From that night, Ted would look up at the sky every night."

"Hoping for another pie to fall."

"But no more pies fell from the sky."

"Ted realised that pies don't usually fall from the sky."

"Ted decided to make his own pies."

"He used the sand and seaweed to make them."

"Even though they didn't taste as good, Ted was happy."

"He learnt that sometimes, you have to make your own delights."

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