Stan the Eagle's Colorful Day

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"Once upon a time, on a coldish Wednesday, an eagle named Stan lived on a mountain."

"Stan was not a newish eagle; he was rather oldish, with grayish feathers."

"Even though he was oldish, Stan was not sluggish, he was quite active."

"One day, Stan saw a reddish object in the distance, it looked like a cape."

"As he flew closer, he saw it was a cape from a foolish, childish scarecrow."

"Stan decided to make the scarecrow look less foolish, he gave it a polish."

"Feeling a bit hungry, Stan went to search for something to nourish himself."

"He found some greenish grapes and yellowish corn, which made a sweetish meal."

"After his meal, he felt a bit feverish, so he decided to rest."

"While he was resting, he saw a brownish squirrel acting quite squeamish."

"Stan flew down to help, but the squirrel ran away, leaving behind some rubbish."

"Despite his day being a bit odd, Stan felt happy in his bluish mountain home."

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