George the Snake's Colorful Jungle Hide and Seek

You are working on words with 14. Low Frequency Spelling | Alternate /ā/ (ei, ey, eigh, aigh, ea)
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"George, the snake, lived in the colorful jungle. He was the greatest at playing hide and seek. 'Hey, George, come play with us,' the monkey squad would say. But George was feeling shy today, and chose to stay by his favorite bamboo tree."

"George loved to explore the jungle, but today he felt different. He felt a weight in his heart, like something was missing. 'Maybe a game will cheer me up,' George thought. He decided to join the monkeys and play hide and seek."

"The monkeys were happy to see George join them. 'Hey, George, you're the best at this game,' they said. Despite the weight in his heart, George gave a big snake grin. He was ready to play, and definitely ready to win."

"The game started and George slithered away to hide. He found a spot behind a big grey rock. 'They'll never find me here,' he thought with a smirk. George was right, he was the last to be found."

"Playing the game made George feel better. The weight in his heart seemed to lessen. 'Thank you for letting me play,' George said to the monkeys. They all laughed and promised to play again the next day."

"George returned to his favorite bamboo tree. He realized that friends can help lighten any weight. 'I am the luckiest snake in this great jungle,' George thought. He fell asleep dreaming of the next day's game."

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