Buddy Bear Learns to Fly

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Buddy the bear was shy.

He lived by a big tree.

"One day, Buddy saw a kite in the sky."

"He wanted to try and catch it."

But it was flying too high.

Buddy started to cry.

"His friend, the duck, saw him crying."

"Duck asked Buddy why he was crying."

"Buddy told him about the kite in the sky."

"Duck said he could help Buddy fly."

"They started to build wings to fly."

"After a few days, the wings were ready to fly."

Buddy was scared to try.

"But with Duck's help, he took a leap and started to fly."

"Buddy was no longer shy to fly."

"He was now the bear that could fly."

"Duck and Buddy would often fly in the sky."

"Buddy was no longer shy, thanks to his friend Duck."

"They lived happily in the woods, ready to try new things."

"And that's the story of Buddy, the bear who learned to fly."

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