Drew's Fruitful Friendship: A Tale of Sharing

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"Drew, the blue jay, flew onto the statue in the park."

"Drew chewed on a grapefruit he had found."

"Drew's friend, the bulldog, came by, hoping Drew would share some fruit."

"Drew, seeing his friend, dropped a piece of fruit."

"The bulldog was happy and chewed on the fruit Drew shared."

"Drew flew off the statue to find more fruit."

"Drew found a tree full of fruit and began to peck at a new one."

"He took some fruit in his beak and flew back to the statue."

"The bulldog saw Drew return and wagged his tail in joy."

"Drew dropped the new fruit to his friend and flew onto the statue."

"They chewed their fruit and enjoyed the sunny day."

"Drew knew that sharing was a true virtue."

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