Kylie the Kite and the Cool Cloud Dude

You are working on words with 4. VCe | u_e /ū/, /yū/
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"Kylie, the cute kite, met a dude."

"Dude said, 'Can you play a tune?'"

"Kylie said, 'I can't, but I can spin.'"

"Dude was not rude, he just smiled."

"Dude spun too, like a top on a tube."

"Kylie could not use the tube to spin."

"Kylie fell, but not in a rude way."

She fell on a soft dune.

"The dune was not rude, it was soft."

"Kylie was cute, she had fun on the dune."

"The dude saw this and let out a tune."

"The tune was not rude, it was a fun tune."

"Kylie got up and tried to use the tube."

"She did it! She used the tube to spin."

"Dude was not rude, he was a cool dude."

"Kylie was cute, she was a cool kite."

"Dude and Kylie had a fun day."

"They had fun, and did not puke."

"The sun set, it was time to mute the fun."

"Kylie said, 'Dude, you rule!'"

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