Victor Starfish: A Tale of Resilience and Friendship

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"Victor the starfish lived by the shore."

"He was born in this place and loved it more than anything."

"One morning, Victor woke up to a storm."

"His home was torn apart by the strong waves."

"Victor was poor, he had lost everything."

"But he was not one to sit and snore, he started cleaning up."

"With his friend, the snail, he worked till the sun was short."

"They found a cork and used it to plug the hole in his home."

"Victor was sore from all the work, but he was happy."

"The next day, he woke up to the sound of a horn."

"A ship had come to the shore with a load of corn."

"Victor used a piece of it to form a door for his home."

"He also found a fork and used it to dig a well."

"Victor's home was becoming more comfortable."

"One day, a bird came with a thorn stuck in its leg."

"Victor used his fork to gently remove the thorn."

"The bird was happy and flew north, promising to return."

"That night, Victor sat on his porch, looking at the stars."

"Victor was poor, but he was happy."

"He had a home, a friend, and a story to tell."

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