Jim the Wolf's Twilight Adventure

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"Jim, the wolf, woke at dusk."

"He rose from his bed of leaves."

He left his den, his home.

"Jim felt a chill in his bone."

He chose to find some food.

"He sniffed the air for a scent."

"Jim found a cone on the path."

"He gave it a poke with his paw."

"But the cone was hard, not food."

"So, Jim left the cone and went on."

"He saw a lone deer in a glade."

"Jim ran fast, his paws hit the stone."

"But the deer was fast, it fled."

"Jim gave up, he felt a bit sad."

"He walked back home, his tail low."

"As he got near, he sniffed a smell."

"A fish was on a stone by his den."

"With a wag of his tail, Jim ate."

"Full and warm, Jim went back in his den."

"He curled up and soon, he doze off."

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